Beneath a flurry of painterly marks...

...and unexpected diagrams, I consider these landscape paintings. Landscapes of a moment in time; memory translated into color palettes, texture and space.  

The shape of trees, comforting shadows, future plans, old Kodakchrome slides, soulful music and lesser known poems are all ingredients for my work. I draw inspiration from the nostalgia of places I have loved and some I’ve yet to visit.

This combination of visual memory, sound and even smells, synthesize into color fields on my canvasses. Quite varied, the spark could be a mental snapshot of traveling through France or a memory of a childhood family picnic or possibly the sensory experience of the sweeping views of Big Sur.  

My paintings are layers of sound, beauty and sentiment. The distinction between unexpected hues and exacting lines of simple geometry keep the work in balance. My goal is to create a playful visual space vibrating with energy and intention that draws the viewer in for closer inspection.